Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sweet Escape

Who doesn't love a happy ending? "They lived happily ever after..." or "Riding off into the sunset". Sure these scenarios aren't all that realistic, but they sure are romantic.

And for this reason, I would love to do the sending-off at the end of the reception. I think its such a beautiful and classic throwback to weddings of "years gone by", and definitely needs to be brought back. I'd love to tweak it a bit, and maybe mix a bit of vintage with a bit of modern. Maybe using a new song and changing into a vintage dress at the end of the reception for the sending-off.

For the song, I love the idea of rolling out after playing something like Gwen Stefani's The Sweet Escape. Its such a fun, playful song... and perfectly titled to boot!

Of course I need an equally cute and playful dress to go along with the song! Here are some options that I love... but in my indecisiveness haven't committed to yet. These first two are from the Vintage Clothing site Vintageous.

These next two are from the website Posh Girl Vintage and are also very adorable, and are the kind of style I'm looking for.

This final dress is one that I saw on ebay, and is probably my favorite since I've started browsing for a sending-off dress. But alas, bidding has ended on it, so I hope that it won't be too hard to find a similar style. I love the vintage look, but I'm always a sucker for a sweetheart neckline.

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