Thursday, March 6, 2008

Edible Arrangements

I saw a commercial the other day for Edible Arrangements, and almost started drooling on my TV screen.

They're adorable "flower" arrangements made out of fruit. They use mostly strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, bananas, and grapes. Some of the arrangements even feature chocolate covered fruits, like this one on the left with bananas dipped in a white and dark chocolate combo. How delicious sounding!

I think these delectable florals are pleasing to the eye, as well as the stomach. They would make adorable arrangements for a Bridal Shower or Engagement Party, and could function as both the centerpiece and fruit tray. Although if I were a guest, I don't think I'd have the heart to eat something so pretty and creative!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take That Grad Schools!

After months of applications, recommendations, transcripts and resumes I have finally finished all of my graduate school applications and internship applications! Thank. God.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let There Be Light!

But, it has to be soft light, thankyouverymuch.

A couple months ago I was at Pier One with some co-workers browsing for some hurricane vases for an event we were having, when low and behold I stumbled upon the most perfect candles for my reception tables. It was a rare moment indeed, and I'd long ago lost hope that I would find a candle that encompassed all that I wanted in a candle. Sounds a bit neurotic, eh? How can I be that picky about candles you ask?

Here's how. I knew I didn't want tea lights. They would burn out before the cocktail hour was even finished, and the vast majority are plain and white. Votives are only a step above, lasting maybe through dinner, and I demand more of my candles. But this is where I get all Goldilocks, because while tea lights and votives are too small, but pillar candles are too big. But these candles I found are just right.

(Please excuse the absurdly blurry picture, it was too bright with the flash though!)

Perfect, right? They look like the Andre the Giant of tea lights, ( 2.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide) same shape and all, but in a wonderfully complimentary green shade, which seem to effortlessly mesh with my color scheme.

This particular scent pictured is crisp bamboo. A third of the candles we bought are this scent while we also purchased equal amounts of Citrus Cilantro (a different shade of green) and Aspen Flower (white).

We're putting two of these candles on each table, and I plan on getting pillar candles in each of the scents to decorate the rest of the reception space. I'm thinking about having some tables with candles and rose petals spread out for "ambiance". My FI laughs when I tell him I want "ambiance tables", but I think they really soften the look of the space and make it seem more romantic. I'll probably use them up by the bar and on the cake table. Here's my original inspiration from The Knot Real Weddings.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Costume Change

For awhile, I was in a flutter trying to figure out two important elements of our E-pics. Where were they going to be, and what was I going to wear?

We ended up deciding that we wanted them at a couple different places, and would wear a couple different outfits; something a little dressed up and something more casual, but I wanted both outfits to be a little playful (at least mine anyways!).

The first location we're going to take pics at is called Benham's Grove, and is an historic farmhouse estate, 8 beautifully landscaped acres, right in the middle of our town. Its a location I considered for the wedding and rehersal dinner, but its too small for the wedding and was able to find a more affordable and (almost) equally lovely location for the rehersal dinner.

This is a shot of the Gerber House and Cottage. I wish I had some closer shots, but there's a lovely little garden, and below is a picture of the little fountain in the middle of the property.

And now for the wonderfully agonizing decision of what to wear. I knew I wanted something a bit dressed up for Benham's Grove and something a bit more casual for Grater's, and here's what I came up with, all courtesy of J.Crew (I've always loved their clothes, but its just weird how much of my wedding related stuff I'm getting from there!).

I'm going to wear a black cropped shrug over the dress, and FI is going to wear charcoal colored dress pants and a black dress shirt, so we'll be lookin' pretty swanky. I'm going back home next week, and will hopefully take some pics and eat some ice cream (all in the name of wedding research) at the quaint little ice cream parlor where we'll do the second part of our e-pics.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

O, True Apothecary...

...apologies to Billy, this isn't a post on a tragic, torrid love affair, but wedding favors. My bad.

I love the idea of a candy buffet at the reception, I know its an idea that has lost its novelty in the Wedding world, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of my guests either haven't heard of it, or haven't been to a wedding with one. So my initial fears that my guests would think I am unoriginal, was really Much Ado About Nothing (last Shakespeare reference, I promise, at least for this post). I love Knottie Suzebride's candy buffet, and used it as my initial inspiration, both for the color and candy choice.

FI was a bit uncertain, until we bought four of these apothecary jars at Kohl's for about $8 each, and got the other one for 40% off at Michael's. I'm hoping these five will be enough, since we're still doing cake and (hopefully) ice cream from Graeter's.

I've been scouring the internet for bulk candy, and believe we'll end up ordering from Candywarehouse. There are soooo many options to chose from, in the end, I think we'll go with candy that's close to our colors, and try to do a mix of fruity and chocolaty, so we'll hopefully please all our guests' palettes. here are some of the candy contenders:

Living in a dream world, I would love to get these green & pink lollipops as well, but it would break the bank to get as many as we need. And I couldn't just put out 25 or so, could I? But still, they're so cute!

Inspiration for the candy buffet is everywhere, but I found the Knot Bio dedicated to the candy buffet to be incredibly helpful. Any other areas of inspiration I should check out?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fancy Feet

The saga of the bridesmaid shoe.

As though finding a consensus among 6 girls for a dress weren't enough (actually, my girls are pretty easy to please), now I have to find some sort of appropriate shoe. I thought I had a shoe picked out for them, from Blue Tux Shoes, but I thought having them dyed would be such a hassle, especially for the price and the fact that they aren't likely to wear those particular shoes again.

So I decided metallic was the way to go, and began searching for either gold or silver shoes, but many were too glitzy and sparkly, I was hoping for a muted color. While I was searching for said shoes, I stumbled upon these taupe heels from Target.

The bow is actually sage green, not taupe, which you can sort of tell from this picture. Its actually very close to the Ann Taylor Celebrations Collection shade of Honeydew, and complements the Meadow Green as well, which are the colors of my BM sashes and dresses respectively. On top of that, they're only $20, which means the cost of my BMs Wedding Day attire is less than $100!

Here's a picture of the Honeydew sash with the shoes. Pretty close, don't you think?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

My mind that is.

I don't know what my problem is lately! I've been so scatter-brained. I mailed out my Valentines for the Weddingbee Valentine's Swap early enough so they would get there by Thursday, except I didn't use enough postage, d'oh! Forgot that square envelopes require additional postage, so now they'll get there, um, almost a week late.

I also keep trying to download pictures from my camera, but forget to charge my battery, causing my camera to shut down in the middle of the download.

And this one's just silly... trying to get a hold of my florist to schedule a consult... the week of Valentine's Day. Yea, I bet she's a bit busy, she did, however, call and leave me a voicemail, but I'll just wait and call her tomorrow or Tuesday.

Is it bad that I'm ready for Monday? Maybe I'll be a bit less flighty.