Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beginning to Blog...

Hello! Since our June wedding is fast approaching and I've been inspired by so many wedding ideas I've stumbled upon online, I figured I should start blogging about our wedding plans. As you may have already guessed from the "Buckeye Bride" and "Ohio is for (Wedding) Lovers", my fiance (Brandon) and I hail from the Midwest. Or you may not have guessed it, I may have told you about the site, and that's why your here! Either way, I hope you enjoy reading about our planning adventures.

I suppose I'll start with a bit of background about ourselves. My fella and I are from a suburb called Centerville in Southwest Ohio. We graduated highschool together, and even suffered through an American History class together, and although I had a thing for him in highschool, we didn't really become friends or start dating until we ended up at the same college together 2.5 hours away from home. We've been dating for five(ish) years, and got engaged over Easter weekend this past spring. I just graduated from the University of Toledo in May, with a dual degree in English Lit and Law & Social Thought. I'm currently doing a year long internship in college campus ministry here at UT, and I'm loving it! Brandon is finishing up his Doctorate in Pharmacy, and will graduate this May, then we're getting married a month later! Afterwards, we're off... somewhere Boston, Chicago, Dayton, Columbus, Lansing... depending on where I get in for grad school.

We're sports fans, I'm a book nerd/he's a science nerd, and we love to travel. We've started some of the planning for our wedding, and have most of the big stuff (venue, photographer, dj) figured out, but I'm excited to start working on the details, and infusing our personalities into our big day.

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