Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

(So says Marie...)

While I love the process of picking DIY projects, picking the dress, and picking the flowers for our wedding, I would have to say picking the food takes the cake (geez I'm lame, but I couldn't resist!). I think the main reason for this, is that its not all about me. This is the aspect of the wedding that is focused on the guests, and that my fella is most excited and eager to plan. While we haven't been able to go out to sample all of the options at our venue, we have been able to sample potential cake vendors, courtesy of many birthday celebrations. Right now, our two top picks are A Taste of Elegance and Dorothy Lane Market. Both are incredibly tasty, and very reasonably priced. So, how to choose? I guess we'll just have to keep on trying the cakes until we figure it out. It will be tough, but it is a sacrifice we're willing to make.

Both bakeries have beautiful looking cakes as well as yummy tasting, making the decision even tougher. So until we settle on both a design and flavors, I'll continue to browse online (the two above from The Knot are ones that strike my fancy). And although we don't have our cake exactly pinned down, we do have a cake topper, which is something, right?!

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cb said...

oooh, i just found your blog and am loving it!!! my FI and I are from Ohio (just left a few wks ago b/c he got a job down south) and while I'm a bit homesick, it was a lovely treat to find your blog with familiar names - DLM!! graeters!! ahhhh!

+ your style is amazing! :o) keep up the great blogging!!