Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Time And Our Clothes Gotta Coordinate

Earlier in the summer I fell in love with the Ann Taylor Celebrations Collection, but was a little put off by the price, I know at just under $200, they aren't exorbitantly priced, however, I'm trying to remember the perspective of my girls. My two younger sisters are in the wedding party, and with one getting ready to go off to college and the other in her early teen years, $200 sounds like a lot. This concern isn't just with my sisters, one of my maids will be in three weddings next summer, and that's an awful lot to spend on dresses you may not be able to wear again.

So just imagine my excitement when these dresses went on sale, and I'm talking huge sale! I hopped to it, and was able to get all 6 of my maids their dresses for about $75! Here are the pictures of the dresses I ended up choosing...

The color of the dress is called Meadow Green, and the underlay on the bottom dress is Honeydew. My four bridesmaids will be wearing the dress on the left with a honeydew sash tied around the waist. For my 13-year old sister who is my Jr. Bridesmaid, I wanted something with straps so I chose the dress below for her, she'll also wear a honeydew sash. And the last dress with the jacquard print is the dress that my MOH will wear, probably with a honeydew sash as well. I love that they're all wearing dresses in the same color, but with some variation in the style.

Now that we have the girls' dresses set, Brandon and I have started looking into something snazzy for the fellas. We're definitely going with tuxes, but he might want striped ties and solid vests for the groomsmen and himself. Something like this striped one from The Knot is a favorite of both of us. Especially since the colors are very similar to our own palette. I think if we went color for the tie, it would definitely be striped. But I'm also particularly partial to the charcoal one on the left, which is also from The Knot. It just looks so clean, simple, and classic. We'll probably choose white for Brandon, and black for the boys.


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