Monday, October 29, 2007

A Party For My Pretty Maids!

Like most brides, for me planning my wedding is one of the most exciting things, ever. For my bridesmaids, however, not so much. But they have all been so supportive and so involved over the past few months of planning. Pouring over magazines, debating between blush pink vs. rosebud, beading vs. lace... and typically tend to let me prattle on.

So I've decided to host a spa night for them in a couple months, as a way for them to both get to know each other, and as my way of saying thank you! The Spa Night I'm hosting is through Beauticontrol & In-Home Spas, and was at a recent Bridal Show I went to. They have different themes: Girls' Night Out, Margarita, Bride-to-be,etc. They even send out invites for you, and accommodate a group as small as 4 or as large as 25.

Not only will this be a great way for me to say thanks to the girls, but I'll get to really test my DIY chops. I've always enjoyed little projects for Birthdays, Christmas, etc. but I've never done little projects for 100-200 people. So I've decided to try and incorporate DIY for this little fete!

I am a card/invite fanatic, I just love little notes and cute designs, so in addition to the invites that Megan (my spa consultant) will send out, I'll be sending out cards, both to remind them of the party but just to catch up as well. For these, I love, love, love quotable cards, and my girls are well aware of this, so it will be an appropriate little gesture. Here are some of my favorites:

I also want to try and find some brooches for the girls. Their dresses have a sash, and I hope to have them wrapped and pinned, with each girl having a different brooch. I really like this one from The Knot. As a gift at the party, I'm thinking of doing a shadow box for each one, or a little favor bag, and wrapping the sash around the present like a bow with the brooch on top.

If I don't end up sending the girls the quotable cards, or if I decide to send out thank you notes afterwards, I've been wanting to try to do envelope liners like these featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2007. They're cute and creative, and add a special subtle touch, and something my girls would appreciate.

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