Thursday, November 1, 2007

Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream

I just realized in my previous post on the glorious cake I forgot about the ice cream. Whoopsie Poops!

Graeter's Ice Cream is a little piece of heaven right here in Southwest Ohio, I'm not kidding when I say its some of the most uh-mazing stuff in the world. My personal favs are Mocha Chocolate Chip (when I'm feeling indulgent) and Blueberry Sorbet (when I'm being good), and Brandon's favorite can vary on any given day, but he has an affinity for the Black Raspberry Chip. I'm hoping to have a couple different kinds at our reception, but I have some opposition, he's mostly concerned about the cost, which is a major concern. But I know all of our in-town guests would love this hometown favorite and I'd like to give our out-of-town guests a taste (literally) of our hometown.

It would also be a cute personal touch, because we've spent so much time there together throughout the past four years. We're actually planning on doing part of our e-session there, because the store is so quaint and picture perfect. I would love to use one of the pictures from the e-session at our reception. Maybe put a framed picture on the table where the ice cream is served with the a framed copy of the lyrics to the Sarah McLachlan song Ice Cream.

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