Monday, November 19, 2007

Blue Tux Shoes

So I may not be any closer to having my wedding ensemble picked out, but I sure am making progress on my 'maids attire! Now that I have their dresses all taken care, I've moved onto a search for some fabulous footwear, and let me tell you this is no easy task!

The perfect solution would be to order these shoes from the Ann Taylor Celebrations Collection. They match perfectly, and are very cute.... with one big problem, they cost $108. Not very friendly to my bridesmaids' budgets.

With the Meadow Green Dresses and Honeydew Sashes from Ann Taylor, I was a bit baffled about what color shoes would look best. I figured I could go metallic either silver or gold. But neither of those was a real favorite. Out of the ones I did see, I really liked the popular Nine West Accolia shoe in gold, which is on sale right now for $39.99. Or the dyeable Tori thong, which runs between $35-$50 online.

But, for the first time I got some less than positive feedback from the girls, so I kept looking. And came across Blue Tux Shoes, a collection of dyeable and metallic special occasion shoes. What I liked about their shoes, is that they're simple and clean looking. I don't want all the attention to focus on the girls shoes when they have such pretty dresses and will look so beautiful, but I also don't want them in shoes that they think are a bit drab or a bit too much. So I think I've settled on a couple styles. The Kate (on the left) and the Melanie (on the right). They're very similar, and very much on sale for $39.99 each. This way the girls will all have shoes that essentially match, but have a bit of variation. I've decided that I'll have the girls try them on and buy them at the nearest retailer, and then I will collect them all to take them to get dyed together.

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