Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let There Be Light!

But, it has to be soft light, thankyouverymuch.

A couple months ago I was at Pier One with some co-workers browsing for some hurricane vases for an event we were having, when low and behold I stumbled upon the most perfect candles for my reception tables. It was a rare moment indeed, and I'd long ago lost hope that I would find a candle that encompassed all that I wanted in a candle. Sounds a bit neurotic, eh? How can I be that picky about candles you ask?

Here's how. I knew I didn't want tea lights. They would burn out before the cocktail hour was even finished, and the vast majority are plain and white. Votives are only a step above, lasting maybe through dinner, and I demand more of my candles. But this is where I get all Goldilocks, because while tea lights and votives are too small, but pillar candles are too big. But these candles I found are just right.

(Please excuse the absurdly blurry picture, it was too bright with the flash though!)

Perfect, right? They look like the Andre the Giant of tea lights, ( 2.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide) same shape and all, but in a wonderfully complimentary green shade, which seem to effortlessly mesh with my color scheme.

This particular scent pictured is crisp bamboo. A third of the candles we bought are this scent while we also purchased equal amounts of Citrus Cilantro (a different shade of green) and Aspen Flower (white).

We're putting two of these candles on each table, and I plan on getting pillar candles in each of the scents to decorate the rest of the reception space. I'm thinking about having some tables with candles and rose petals spread out for "ambiance". My FI laughs when I tell him I want "ambiance tables", but I think they really soften the look of the space and make it seem more romantic. I'll probably use them up by the bar and on the cake table. Here's my original inspiration from The Knot Real Weddings.

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