Sunday, February 17, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

My mind that is.

I don't know what my problem is lately! I've been so scatter-brained. I mailed out my Valentines for the Weddingbee Valentine's Swap early enough so they would get there by Thursday, except I didn't use enough postage, d'oh! Forgot that square envelopes require additional postage, so now they'll get there, um, almost a week late.

I also keep trying to download pictures from my camera, but forget to charge my battery, causing my camera to shut down in the middle of the download.

And this one's just silly... trying to get a hold of my florist to schedule a consult... the week of Valentine's Day. Yea, I bet she's a bit busy, she did, however, call and leave me a voicemail, but I'll just wait and call her tomorrow or Tuesday.

Is it bad that I'm ready for Monday? Maybe I'll be a bit less flighty.

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Linda said...

I foolishly tried to make an appointment with a florist the week of Valentines too. He looked at me like I was insane.