Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fancy Feet

The saga of the bridesmaid shoe.

As though finding a consensus among 6 girls for a dress weren't enough (actually, my girls are pretty easy to please), now I have to find some sort of appropriate shoe. I thought I had a shoe picked out for them, from Blue Tux Shoes, but I thought having them dyed would be such a hassle, especially for the price and the fact that they aren't likely to wear those particular shoes again.

So I decided metallic was the way to go, and began searching for either gold or silver shoes, but many were too glitzy and sparkly, I was hoping for a muted color. While I was searching for said shoes, I stumbled upon these taupe heels from Target.

The bow is actually sage green, not taupe, which you can sort of tell from this picture. Its actually very close to the Ann Taylor Celebrations Collection shade of Honeydew, and complements the Meadow Green as well, which are the colors of my BM sashes and dresses respectively. On top of that, they're only $20, which means the cost of my BMs Wedding Day attire is less than $100!

Here's a picture of the Honeydew sash with the shoes. Pretty close, don't you think?

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