Thursday, February 21, 2008

Costume Change

For awhile, I was in a flutter trying to figure out two important elements of our E-pics. Where were they going to be, and what was I going to wear?

We ended up deciding that we wanted them at a couple different places, and would wear a couple different outfits; something a little dressed up and something more casual, but I wanted both outfits to be a little playful (at least mine anyways!).

The first location we're going to take pics at is called Benham's Grove, and is an historic farmhouse estate, 8 beautifully landscaped acres, right in the middle of our town. Its a location I considered for the wedding and rehersal dinner, but its too small for the wedding and was able to find a more affordable and (almost) equally lovely location for the rehersal dinner.

This is a shot of the Gerber House and Cottage. I wish I had some closer shots, but there's a lovely little garden, and below is a picture of the little fountain in the middle of the property.

And now for the wonderfully agonizing decision of what to wear. I knew I wanted something a bit dressed up for Benham's Grove and something a bit more casual for Grater's, and here's what I came up with, all courtesy of J.Crew (I've always loved their clothes, but its just weird how much of my wedding related stuff I'm getting from there!).

I'm going to wear a black cropped shrug over the dress, and FI is going to wear charcoal colored dress pants and a black dress shirt, so we'll be lookin' pretty swanky. I'm going back home next week, and will hopefully take some pics and eat some ice cream (all in the name of wedding research) at the quaint little ice cream parlor where we'll do the second part of our e-pics.

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