Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You Wish You Were My Bridesmaid!

I have a profound admiration for bridesmaids, all of them really. It takes a true blue friend to be a bridesmaid. Its easy to be happy for someone when they tell you they're getting married, but its an entirely different thing to get sucked into the bride's world of planning. Its also an expensive thing to boot. You figure with attire, a shower gift, a bachelorette party gift a wedding gift, and all the travel expenses for any or all of these things can equal some serious ca$hmoney.

I not only have a profound admiration for MY bridesmaids, but a whole lotta love. That's why I'm going to try them as much as I can, and here are some of the things that I'd like to do for my lovely ladies.

I've always liked the idea of giving gifts in a tote bag, and was going to get the uber-popular L.L. Bean tote bags, when I spotted these trendy little bags at Old Navy.

But now that I've gotten them these lovely bags, I have to fill them with something. I decided that I would fill them with a few different things, but try to stay reasonable with the amount that I spent. I previously posted about the brooches the girls will be wearing the day of, but here are a couple of them again, they're all from the fabulous online store White Aisle which has lots of amazing wedding things from invites to jewelry to socially conscious sashes. I love that all of the brooches are similarly made of pearls and crystals, but each have their own distinctive look. This way all of my girls have a slightly different detail to this accessory.

The next gift for my girls is probably my favorite. I was feeding my daily Weddingbee addiction last week, when I came across Miss Hydrangea's post on these lovely bouquet crosses from Room Service Home. I thought these were both beautiful and incredibly meaningful gifts.

This first set, is from 2007 and represents Faith, Hope, and Love. The set below represent Purity, Strength, and Beauty. There is one of each that perfectly represents each bridesmaid, and I was thinking of getting these and attaching a little note that says what their own cross represents, and why I chose it for them.

When I first thought about gifts for the girls, I decided that flip flops were a must. They're not much, but will be much appreciated after a day of 3 inch heels. So I bought 6 pairs of shimmery white flip flops from Old Navy. I'll probably tie a green bow on them (of course, they have to match!) and a little note. Something little that I'd also like to include are these button soaps and sachets from White Aisle that are, well cute as a button!

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