Thursday, February 7, 2008

Such Great Heights

My FI is a (sort of) genetic miracle. His mother is maybe 5', as is everyone else on her side of the family, and I'll give his dad the benefit of the doubt and say he's 5'8 but is the tallest by several inches on that side. So I guess its pretty a-mazing that FI is 5'9 or 5'10. I'm about 5'6, and have never had a problem with the somewhat slim height difference, even when I wear heels. But then once we got engaged, I started wondering should I try to preserve those precious 3 inches?

During the first part of our engagement, I became convinced that I wanted to be shorter, and did some low to mid-heel sleuthing. But I began to realize that I prefer a taller heel, all of the shoes I remotely liked (with a few exceptions), were clocking in at 3 inches or so. The first pair that I really adored, were the Kenneth Cole Rich n' Post shoes, I rather fancy the champagne and silver satin ones.

I really liked these shoes, and was rather partial to the bow on the side, but I wanted something a little more sparkly, but not glittery everywhere. So I thought I might buy some sort of brooch or earring set and affix them to the shoes, something like these earrings from White Aisle

Then, I fell in love, as I am prone to do, which solidified my decision to wear higher heels. And these babies will kick me up about 3 inches, and I'm totally fine with that, because they are gawrgeous!

Please excuse the inordinately large picture of the shoes. Its just because I love them. They're from J.Crew, which isn't much of a surprise, as I tend to be pretty smitten with most of their things, but these I really love. When looking at other shoes, I was somewhat non-committal, they looked nice but if I'm going to have a dress that is "the one" then I want to have the same for my fab footwear. I simply adore the bow and open toe, and like that they have a little extra sparkle without looking as though I went on a Bedazzler frenzy. The added bonus is that I would definitely wear these shoes loooong after the wedding. The one caveat? They're a bit pricier than I anticipated for wedding shoes, but I'm sure I'll talk myself into buying them within the next week.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous! you know i'm a ohio girl too :) but i have been in nyc for 5 years. or is it six? anyway i love your blog and wish you the best in wedding planning :) mrs. poppy :)