Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Toilet Paper Rolls: A Must Have For Any Wedding

When I first told my FI that I wanted to some of the elements for our wedding to be DIY to add a personal touch and save some money, he agreed... and actually thought it would be a great idea. What I don't think that he realized, was that my neurosis would kick in to high gear or that I would be so very scavenger-like in my attempt to do these projects. Exhibit A: saving our TP rolls. I got this idea from Weddingbee bride Mrs. Strawberry to use TP rolls for ecofetti or lavender buds.

(The ones on the left were the actual ones the Strawberries used the day of and the ones on the right were prototypes)

She had a couple posts where she talks about using ecofetti and also had a post about how the entire thing panned out. And I must say, it turns out quite lovely. So, with nothing better to do on New Year's Eve we invited over a couple of friends and fashioned up a couple of our own prototype tp ecofetti rolls, with rather successful results.

Here we have my lovely bridesmaid JT being all crafty. We did a couple different paper and ribbon combos, and tried out a couple different lengths. I would definitely recommend wrapping paper or scrapbook paper over the tissue paper, it can be a bit pricier but the results are so much nicer. Our favorites were definitely the Martha Stewart wrapping paper that we found on clearance at Michael's for $1 a roll, which saved me some serious ca$hmoney. Here are the end results of our collective craftiness. I think we definitely prefer the longer ones, they look a bit better, but the short ones are adorable too.

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