Friday, February 8, 2008

Sparkly Details

Now that I have shoes for the wedding day, I want to find some equally fabulous jewelry to go with them. Initially, I planned on wearing the pearl necklace and earrings FI bought for my birthday a few years ago, from a boutique out in Las Vegas called Agatha, which is a jewelry boutique originally based in France. Needless to say, I love that set, its simple classic and understated... kind of like my dress, which has a lace applique across the bust and bodice. So I began to wonder, since my dress has more of an understated look should I amp up the jewelry?

I first had other ideas when I came across Knottie Mrs Reem Avenue's profile, and she was wearing this absolutely beautiful bracelet. All of her jewelry was gorgeous, but this bracelet in particular struck my fancy.

My initial impression was: gorgeous but a bit big for my style and personality. Then I come to find out via the most popular Wedding websites, that its a Haute Bride bracelet, and not just a Haute Bride Bracelet, but pretty much infamous and highly coveted. Oh. I had no clue! So I started searching for something similar, but not as big or pricey. I was pretty smitten with the Haute Bride line of jewerly. There weren't any local boutiques in my area (slim pickings here in the midwest sometimes) and found a couple different online sites that carry their jewelry.

The first one I stumbled across was Perfect Details. They carry several different lines of designer jewelry, Haute Bride among them. And I found these lovely earrings and bracelet. I love that the bracelet is as beautiful as the bracelet with 5 strings of pearls, but smaller and less expensive. Which definitely fits my personality AND my budget. And although both pieces are a bit more sparkly than I would typically wear, if there were one day to go all out, wouldn't my wedding day be it?

These same pieces and others are also available at the online boutique Leftbank Jewelry, as well as other Haute Bride pieces. The Perfect Details website offers returns on their pieces that aren't custom made, and Leftbank Jewelry offers a return policy on their items as well.

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