Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pretty Posies

(these pretty bouquets that I absolutely love are from The Knot gallery)

Over Thanksgiving, I'm doing some serious Wedding planning. I live 3 hours away from my hometown where our wedding is going to be, so every visit back home is jam packed. As I previously blogged, I am going dress shopping that weekend, but I'm also meeting with our florist to do a consultation, and am really excited about that.

Our florist The Flowerman is phenomenal, and is a DIYer's (is that even really a word?) dream. They offer three different options for creating the flower arrangements for weddings:

1. Designer Weddings, "if you can dream it up, we can make it happen", this option is akin to that of a traditional florist who designs your flowers from start to finish, you also get a free consultation, itemized list, and cost saving tips/ideas. This is ideal for the bride who has an idea of what she wants, but wants the florist to put together all of the arrangements.

2. Do It Yourself Wedding Guide, this one is the dream of the DIY bride. They offer consultations, order the flowers for you & provide everything you need to create your arrangements. You choose a day right before your wedding to have a "Floral Construction Party"... how fun does that sound?! And they also recommend that you enroll in one of their Floral Design Classes before you create your wedding arrangements.

3. Combination Weddings, this is for the bride who wants to DIY, but is a bit apprehensive. You get the consultation, price quotes... and the satisfaction of doing your flowers, but with a lot more help of their staff.

And, it gets better... I've picked up a bouquet here and there for my mom when I've come home, and their prices are really reasonable. They were also picked as one of The Knot Best of 2007 AND rated with $- inexpensive.

My mom and aunt are really getting into this part of the wedding planning, they're going to go to one of the Floral Design Classes later this month, and hopefully I can go to one with them near Christmastime. I haven't decided which of the three I will go with, however, it is nice to have these options. Right now, I'm probably leaning towards the combination route, maybe making the bouts and corsages for our parents. I like the idea of those being handmade by me (and maybe my FI if I can get him into it).

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