Monday, November 5, 2007

Jim Hjelm: A Lovely Addiction

In my search for the dress, I've definitely fallen in love with certain styles. In my head, my perfect dress is an amalgamation of: Strapless, Sweetheart neckline, and either A-line or Mermaid/Trumpet. I also tend to fancy lace (rather than beading) and satin sashes.

But in my search for the perfect dress, I also must admit I've fallen in love with Jim Hjelm, and its getting pretty serious. I know I'm not the only one with this addiction Miss Penguin from the Weddingbee blogged about her Designer Lusting over Jim Hjelm dresses.

There are a couple that I've tried on and liked, and a couple that just look absolutely gorgeous. The crazy thing is, that there's a few different styles I like. While I've always envisioned myself as a soft, romantic bride with lace and curls, there are some sleeker more modern gowns that I absolutely love as well.

In my incessant internet surfing of bridal gowns, I've always had an aversion to bead work. I think it looks great on some girls, but I don't know that it suits me. At least that's what I thought before I fell in love with these two gowns.

I tried on the dress on the left on my first and only visit so far on the advice of the bridal consultant at Gallippo's in Toledo, Ohio. The dress also has a clean shape, and accentuates my curves rather nicely, and since the beading is only focused on the bustline it wasn't too overpowering. I love the back of the one on the right, and its a simple, but very powerful gown. They're both a bit more sleek and modern than I would have picked for myself.

While I do love, love, love these dresses there was one I tried on that has stolen my heart, and gave me that this is it feeling. Unfortunately, it also would have stolen all my money, and left me with that broke bank feeling. When I went in, I gave my consultant a price range, but I also said that I specifically wanted to try this gown on, so I, unfortunately, am the cause of my own heartbreak.

I love the lace, the thin satin ribbon, the flared shape, the slight sweetheart, sigh. But most of all, I am totally in love with the layered fluted hem at the bottom. Actually the dress is just a dream. I haven't decided if I'm going to talk myself out of the dress, suck it up and buy it, or find it online preowned. We'll see how this next dress shopping trip goes.

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